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Savor the Flavors of Miami at Klaw Rooftop

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A culinary adventure

Immerse yourself in a world of epicurean delight at our rooftop oasis, where culinary artistry meets Miami’s best views. Discover the pinnacle of fine dining excellence as our talented Chef curates an unparalleled gastronomic adventure, harmonizing flavors, textures and innovation. 

Join us for an unforgettable culinary escapade that promises to enchant every palate and created cherished moments under the open sky.


A symphony of flavors

Experience the ultimate rooftop brunch oasis, where flavors, relaxation, and stunning views converge in perfect harmony. Join us for a laid-back yet sophisticated brunch affair featuring an array of delectable dishes crafted with the freshest ingredients. 

Elevate your weekends with a delightful blend of savory and sweet offerings, paired with endearing cocktails, an experience that redefines leisure and enjoyment.


Overlooking the best view of Miami

The experience

Step into Klaw’s social paradise

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Our location

An iconic address

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